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A special feature here at
The Elite Club is an exclusive section of the site that can only be accessed by people with Elite Club memberships
that help support the continued development of new games.

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You will need to have a user account at to be able to join the Elite club.
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Elite Club Membership Features

Exclusive games for Elite Club members only

Beach Party Reunion episodes 1 to 6

Castle Gravenstein 2
Castle Gravenstein 3
Castle Gravenstein 4
Castle Gravenstein 5
Castle Gravenstein 6

Beach Party 2
Beach Party 3
Beach Party 4

Farmer's Daughter 3
Farmer's Daughter 4

New Game Sneak previews

Once a new game is under development, pictures and test scenes will be posted here.

New game concepts and Partial Game Designs

There are currently 19 different design or concept documents to read. Members are invited to comment on them or even suggest changes or additions.


Hi res pictures of new characters under development.


Sample game code and other details of game development.

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