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Scene 2 of CG4 is done. Work on scene 3 has started.

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msg# 755501-29-15 11:04pm
hello I have donate

msg# 755401-29-15 08:36pm
{Message to be posted pending approval}

{ I do not see a donation with your name or email address. The donation must be under a different name and email. Please email me at pusooy@gmail.com with the name and date on your Paypal email receipt so I can locate your donation. -puso}

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msg# 755301-29-15 02:13pm
i have donated but dont have elite access user ianuk42

{ You're good now. -puso}

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msg# 755201-29-15 02:10pm
hi i have donated but dont have elite access

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msg# 755101-29-15 01:17pm
In response to this message, #7542 posted by joulonted 01-27 03:37pm:

Hi i donate 10S : 4C254604G36829831 thxs
i send a mail

{ Got it. Finally matched the donation to the account. Thanks! -puso}

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msg# 755001-29-15 09:12am
Hi Pusooy, i just donated $10

paypal transaction: 6BG902062T415354A

my username is cwpryor

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msg# 754901-29-15 05:13am
i'm Pacizi i just donate 10$

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msg# 754801-28-15 05:26am
i have conribuate at your site 10$ but don t have acces to elite ?

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msg# 754701-28-15 04:03am
i`m svilen8800 and donate 10 $

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msg# 754601-28-15 02:57am
hello i donate 10$.my username is svilen8800

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msg# 754501-28-15 02:55am
my username is svilen8800

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msg# 754401-28-15 02:22am
my username is: TrebZ
Donation = 10$

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msg# 754301-27-15 07:32pm
my name is ooli08 and I donate 10$

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msg# 754201-27-15 03:37pm
Hi i donate 10S : 4C254604G36829831 thxs

{ Finally got it! -puso}

The Netherlands
msg# 754101-27-15 11:32am
when anyone find a site where they can play pusos games and it's not his site please report this to puso. when you find a site where you can download them, check it out first and collect the links towards it. send this to: pusooy@gmail.com.
you can place it also on this message board, but whatever you do, DO NOT place the link on this board. that one will be removed or otherwise altered by everyone that has the right to do so, that means the administrator, the moderators or puso himself.

{ It's better to just email me. -puso}

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msg# 754001-27-15 10:25am
My name is Anloar and donate 10$! Thanks!!

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msg# 753901-27-15 08:31am
Donated $10.00. Confirmation: 77P874421F312390E. Please update account. Your work is excellent. Thanks. - J.S.

{ please see message 7532 for more information -sal74}

{ Ah! I found it. The email on the donation is different than the account. -puso}

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msg# 753801-27-15 07:45am
Donated $10.00. Please update. Excellent work. Thanks maxdu27600

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DE-RSLmsg# 753701-26-15 11:04am
In response to this message, #7535 posted by yodasenkel 01-26 07:28am:


Wie und wo kann ich meine Email-Adresse ändern.
Ich finde das irgendwie nicht.

Danke für die Info.
Ich habe gleich mal eine Email abgesetzt.

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msg# 753601-26-15 10:49am
Donated $10.00. Please update. Excellent work. Thanks WuhDuh

{ Thanks...as soon as Puso verifies your account, he will upgrade your status. -PawPaw}

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