Here is a preview of the main cast of Castle Gravenstein, on the bus trip to the castle.

The students, from left to right:

Caspar - Toronto Canada

Kate - Heilbronn

Kurt - Berlin

Derek - US

Sergei - Russia

Angel - Liverpool

Janine - French countryside

Mariska - Mountains of Austria



Here is the first release of a character from the upcoming game. This is Angel, as the Christmas angel, and as herself in the second picture.

Christmas 2010

A possible title screen for Mummy Love.

Emma, another character in Mummy Love.

The history class views the mummy in the museum.

Princess Siti

Another Kat on a train

Another side of Megan

Maid Kat

Babydoll Kat

Megan reworked

Holly is one of the girls in Beach Party.
The outfit was a birthday present for her boyfriend. They are not together anymore, but she likes to wear it when she feels wild.

Schoolgirls Kat and Megan. Which would you like to see on the train?

This is what the maid might look like.

Becky plays dress-up. "I look like a movie star!"

Front porch

She shows him how to milk a cow. "You grab the teat like this."

Here's the salesman as Becky first meets him on the porch.

Finally found the right hair for the beginning. Later she lets it down.

Becky shown with makeup in the image at the right


Cheerleaders, Tina, Sarah, Jana, Jenny and Cindy pose with Buckman, Brad and Mike.

Jana is the new girl in school and just made the cheer squad. All of the guys are crazy for her!

Jenny is the wild one of the squad when it gets to party time.

Jana in bed.

Sarah innocent.       Don't let Tina's look fool you.

Bloodheart plays a little game with the girl.

The opening scene of the pirate game features a gang of pirates taking turns with one girl on the deck of the ship.

This is the current model for the pirate girl.

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