First, be aware that the first 10% or so of the load will show nothing. During that time it is downloading the loader, which is the code that will actually load the game. Once that is loaded you will see a progress meter showing how the download is going by percentage.



If the game won't load all of the way, here are some things to try:


Sometimes the load will "stick" at a certain point when the servers is busy. If you just refresh the page (hit F5) the load will restart and often work fine the second time.


First, be sure you have the latest Flash player. You can download it here:


We have found that for many people, just trying a different browser helps. If you are not already using Firefox or Google's Chrome they may help. They are both much more secure than Internet Explorer too!


At least one person reported that clearing out temporary internet files fixed their loading problems. This is a standard fix for Internet Explorer problems. Go to internet options on the general tab. Cookies are not likely a problem, but temporary internet files can get full and IE is stupid about dealing with it.

Another person has reported that their Anti-virus software was preventing the download. You might try temporarily disabling it to check.



If the game runs slow.

The newer games  tend to use a lot of computer resources. They layer many different objects on the screen requiring quite a bit of CPU power. We recommend a CPU with at least a 1.5ghz clock rate. Anything slower than that may have trouble playing the game smoothly.





For those interested in what system is used to develop the games:

AMD Phenom quad core 9550

4 gig DDR2 (3 gig useable)

Cheap MB w/ onboard sound & video

This is only about $300!








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