Mummy Love 3

Walk through by Branes


This part is for players new to Puso's games. If you played all or most of them, you can skip to the actual walkthrough.

The first thing that I should mention is that Puso uses a few standard animation "tricks."
One common one is the hotspot on the man's hand, and then move it to the girl's head or hand for blowjob or handjob.
Then move the mouse in the direction of the action.
Another is what is known as a circular trap. That is where there is more than one person performing action and you have to move the mouse in a clockwise manner from one
action to another. Usually when the bars stop moving, you have to find the trigger to continue the action.

Another "trap" he uses is having you perform one action, then following that up with another.
Fondling her breast, and then moving down to touch her pants to take them off.. then back to the breasts and back
to the pants and so on.

One important thing to remember is things don't alway happen immediately. You often have to repeat the same movement for a while before something else happens.

Whenever you see a pair of binoculars at the lower right corner and the words "find hotspot," you need to move the mouse and find the right body part to move. All you
have to do to select it is move the mouse over it and the mouse picks it up. Then just move it to the right location to begin the animation.
If you get stumped, you can hit "h" for a hint. Once you see the animation, use your mouse back and forth in the direction of the action.

Keep in mind the personalities of the women in the game. Virgins and timid girls won't want you jumping right in. You have to use foreplay to seduce them.

To move a scene along, mouse over the dialog boxes once you've read them.

The Walkthru.

Disclaimer: This is an adult game so I'm going to use adult words for body parts and sexual activities. Except for penis. There really isn't a good word for that thing.
Dick and cock sound so lame to me, and prick now is used to describe a person. Actually, I've always liked Johnson.

One thing I hate is a walkthrough that tells you what to do, but not WHY you're doing it. In a game like this, it's not that big of a deal, but in an adventure game
it's irritating as hell. So, I'm going to walk you through the game, not just tell you to click here or click there.

The story up to now:

In Part 1, in ancient Egypt, a young princess named Siti went through a ritual where she was drenched in cum and given a magical ankh which, it is said, gives
everlasting life.
In Part 2, present times, a couple of teenagers fools around on a field trip to the museum and the boy cums on Siti's sarcophagus. Some of it hits the ankh and it
begins to glow brightly. The power of the "milk of life" has brought her back to life.
She becomes a student and begins to collect cum from various boys.

Now, Part 3.

The first couple of pages are story setup so just mouse over them as you read them. We learn that Siti needs constant "injections" of cum to keep alive. And like a drug
addict, she needs more and more. The first scene, she tries to seduce a teenage boy but he runs away .

Lab class

First action scene:

Siti seduces her lab partner. Move her hand to his penis. Move the mouse slowly in the direction of her hand and he will take out his penis.
Hotspot: move the mouse over her hand and she will start to masturbate him.
Watch the meter on the right side. If you're moving the mouse correctly the red bar should rise. when it gets to the top, he'll cum.

Action scene 2:

Siti now goes over to the other two boys. She kneels in front of the first one. Mouse over her head and pull it forward onto his penis. Then just move the mouse
sideways till the red bar fills up and he cums in her mouth. With the next guy, pick up her head and then move it in a circular counter clockwise motion to lick the tip
of his penis until the red bar fills up and he cums.

Boys Locker Room:

Action scene 3:

1st boy: Pull Siti's head forward until she kisses the tip of his penis. You'll have to do this a few times. Then the scene shifts to POV. Move her head up and down as
she licks his shaft. She's stop a couple of times to ask him a question. After the third time, she'll start to suck him. Just move her head with the mouse. When she
stops, the scene will quickly shift and she'll ask if he's ready to cum. The scene shifts back to POV. This time you mouse over his hand and he'll masturbate into her
mouth. Just move the mouse up and down over his penis like his hand. Soon he'll cum on her face.

Action Scene 4: The Foursome.

Here three boys are doing Siti. the muscular one is fucking her and she's masturbating the other two. You have to mouse over the guy's ass so he begins to thrust into
her, and then mouse over the penises of the two boys so she starts to give them handjobs. Do each until his red bar fills halfway. Once all the bars are at the halfway
point, mouse over the navel of the boy on Siti's right and she will start to suck him. Then work him until his bar stops moving, then move on the next boy and work him
until hs bar stops moving and so on. Eventually, all three bars get to the top and they cum on Siti.

Siti tries to seduce the boy from lunch again but gets caught by the principal. The principal takes her to his office where Siti tries to seduce him, but he can't get
it up without his Viagra. Without the "milk of life," Siti's time runs out and she becomes a mummy again. Emma comes in and just before she dies, Siti's spirit enters
There aren't any sex acts to perform here. Just read the dialog.

The Secret Sex Scene:

While the reporter is doing her report, move the mouse over her tits quickly to grab her attention. If you do it right, she'll move her head and the next scene will
show her, the cameraman and Rob. Just follow the dialog until Rob starts to fuck her in the Av room. Them just move the mouse in the right direction, slowly at first
but picking up the pace until you're pounding her. At a certain point, you'll see an Autopilot box show up in the bottom right corner. You can click it to just watch or
keep doing the action.
Rob will cum and the scene will end.

After a short scene with Steve and Garrett, Emma goes into the boys bathroom. We notice that she's wearing Siti's magical ankh.

Boys Bathroom:

This is the last scene.

Emma hears someone coming and hides in one of the toilet stalls. The nerd from the lab comes in and starts peeing.
You have to make his hips move forward and back while peeing. Each time you move his hips, The stall door opens a little. The nerd catches her and she comes out.
Now she wants to watch but he's too nervous. She moves his hand to her crotch to entice him. A couple of other boys come in and one of them starts peeing for her.
The last time I saw anyone piss like that was Tom Hanks in "A League of Their Own." This guy is a marathon pisser!

Anyway, Emma holds onto his penis while he's pissing. You can control the stream by moving the mouse up and down, or shut it off by moving it back towards him. I don't
know if doing that has any effect on how long he goes. Eventually, the well runs dry. Emma kneels down an licks his penis and we see it start to grow. She wants one of
the other boys to pee for her but they all have hardons so they can't. The boys start to masturbate as Emma strips off her clothes.

The first action scene is a POV. You just follow the boy's hand movements until he cums.
The next action scene is a blowjob. Just move her head back and forth over his penis till he cums.
The next scene is two boys, one on either side of her face. Mouse over the hand of the boy on the right, and pick up his hand and move it to Emma's head. He'll push her
down and then you can start to masturbate the boys. You do this like any other multiple character scene. Work one boy until his bar stops then go on to the other. Do
this until both bars go to the top, then they'll cum.

The final action scene is Steve trying to fuck Emma in the ass.
The secret to this scene is very slow movement. Put it in a little at a time, like you would with a real girl for the first time.

You'll see a sword come up on the left with a heart over the top. As you start to penetrate her ass, the sword grows. The object is to penetrate her just enough to get
the sword close to the heart so that the heart starts to move downward. Once it stop moving, pull out and try again. If you go too far, she'll cry out and you'll have
to wait about 30 seconds to try again. As you get deeper, the heart starts to move down the sword. When the heart gets almost to the bottom of the sword, Steve will
plunge in.

All of the boys will want to get in on it. You select each boy by mousing over his penis. Then he'll masturbate on her. Just move the mouse over their hips to start the
action. The last boy, the nerd, pees on her. You use his pee stream to clean off all the cum. Once that's done, you're finished.




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