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posted: 5-15-18

Work on Spirit Girl is in progress. The 3d models for 12 characters are done, including clothing. Settings are next.

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msg# 878408-25-16 02:34pm
Thank you puso, i think BPR1 is your best game yet, ( maybe with the exception of FD2) Thank you so much for listening and introducing some cream pie to the scene with Josie. Keep up the good work!!!!! I can't wait until the next THRILLING instalment. :-)

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msg# 878308-25-16 02:32pm
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if i had a chance to have sex with josie, i would have a boner all day. i would still have a boner after i finished fucking her. i would fuck her again!! :-)

msg# 878208-24-16 11:55pm
grate games, great job

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msg# 878108-23-16 07:11pm
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I like the idea of another Mummy game (no scene has been more meaningful to me than her playing doctor to the sick boy in the nurses office), even alternating between the two, but a double release would take way too long. He is the best at these types of games by far but it takes many months to complete each one.

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